We are stoked to introduce the Capsules!

Small series boxes, partnered with awesome people from the community.

Chris Chann

We first met Chris back in sunny Santa Monica, CA. That was few years ago already. We've been amazed by few things about him: he's genuinely nice with everyone; he's devoted to skateboarding; he's fun; and he's curious. So at the end of 2016, we invited him to our childhood city: Lyon, in France. The weather was perfect. We enjoyed some epic downhill times to reach the city center; got a great 'slappy session' with the best locals possible; cruised around the whole city from one spot to another; had amazing food obviously. Well, at the end of the day we decided (a) to capture Chris's story (go watch it 👉 ) and (b) to give you the opportunity to get his whole set up (almost). Keep pushin' folks and send Chris some love, k.